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About Us

Bringing passion and purpose together to build high-performance corporate cultures.

Our story from Africa and the Middle East … to the world!

Our story began on the plains of Southern Africa, where, nurtured by the continent’s abundant sunshine, life-giving rains and its focus on collective well-being, a new ideology sprang to life. This credo, built on the pillars of purpose, adventure and community, soon evolved to become Engage Me, a company committed to living, breathing and sharing our manifesto with companies the world over.

Today, Engage Me remains on a mission to create strong organisational cultures infused with community values and clarity of purpose. Combining a wealth of business consultancy experience and passionate creative expertise, we’re not only able to expertly diagnose business problems, but also to solve them in unique and innovative ways that drive value and uplift employee morale.

Our team

Our talented team of cultural specialists, change managers, creative designers and communication experts provides a wealth of diverse and complementary skills, expertly poised to deliver the very best results for your business.
Buoyed by our culture of excellence, we’ve scoured the globe in search of industry pioneers, driven by a desire to learn and unwilling to settle for less than the best. Our team prides itself on its ability to innovate, integrate and motivate, treating each and every project as an opportunity to improve and deliver impressive outcomes.