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About Us

Work with purpose! Your one-stop human resource …

Engage Me is on a mission to build strong organisational cultures infused with community values and a sense of purpose. We aim to be the Middle East and Africa’s premier human resource for rich, relevant information, bridging the gap between action and intent with curated, insightful content.

Everything we publish answers the following questions:

• How do I engage/inspire my workforce?
• How do I create an environment where people want to come and work?
• How do I instil purpose / passion into my work?
• How do I integrate work into my life?

Our Team

Editor: Stuart Thomas:

Marketing Manager: Gwyneth King:

Advertising and Sales: Heather Gillett:

Art Director: Melissa Hayes:

Publisher: Brett Smyth:

For general enquiries please contact: +971 (0) 4 557 3086 or

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